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Battlefield 4 WZ-10


Battlefield 4 WZ-10The Battlefield 4 WZ-10 is an attack helicopter used by the Chinese faction in the game. The WZ-10 in Battlefield 4 is similar to its main rivals in the game, the American AH-1Z Viper, and the Russian Mi-28 Havoc.

The Battlefield 4 WZ-10 was first featured the series in BF2, where it was also the main attack helicopter for the Chinese forces. The WZ-10 was first introduced in the early 2000s, and currently serves as the main attack helicopter for the Chinese air force.

Battlefield 4 WZ-10 stats

The WZ-10 in Battlefield 4 is similar to its main rivals when it comes to weaponry and maneuverability, but it somewhat slower in straight speed, and resembles more the AH-64 Apache in this regard.

  • Top speed: 300 km/h
  • Pilot weapons: rocket pods, air to air missiles
  • Secondary weapon: 25 mm chain gun, TV-missiles, guided missiles
  • Countermeasures: Flares, Stealth, ECM jammers

Battlefield 4 WZ-10 tips

The Battlefield 4 WZ-10 is noticeably slower than comparable attack helicopters in the game. However, it features a somewhat more powerful gunner cannon, making it more effective against enemy infantry.

Like all other helicopters, the Battlefield 4 WZ-10 is easy pray to enemy anti air weapons like LAV-AD and the Stinger missile launcher. Luckily, the WZ-10 has flares as an effective countermeasure.

Battlefield 4 WZ-10 unlocks

The Battlefield 4 WZ-10 has the same unlocks as the other attack helicopters, which include heat seeker missiles against enemy air craft, rocket pods against ground forces, and various defensive countermeasures.

WZ-10 in real life:
Battlefield 4 WZ-10 in real life

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